ASML employees to go on strike

Photo credit: Studio040/Alain Heeren

Two hundred ASML employees will go on strike for 48 hours from tomorrow (Thursday) for a better collective labour agreement (CAO).

The Brabant metal workers from various companies have been fighting for better working conditions for months. The CAO Metalektro applies to about 150,000 workers in the metalworking industry. This includes various VDL companies, Stork, ASML, Fokker, DAF, Siemens, and Scania. Especially staff of DAF have added their voices. Employees of the Veldhoven chip manufacturer were less prepared to take action.

Peter Reniers of the FNV Metaal (Dutch Federation of Metal Trade Unions) is proud of the people who will be participating. “They want measures to be taken against their high work pressure. They also want a good CAO with a decent wage increase and measures to keep their jobs until they go on pension. The FNV wishes to close a good and future-proof Metalektro CAO with the other trade unions, as befits the sector and the favourable financial developments”, he says.

For example, the trade unions want a 3.5% annual wage increase with a minimum wage of EUR 1,000. They also want good proposals that will combine work and private life.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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