Part of A67 to be widened

Photo credit: Studio040/Alain Heeren

The National and Provincial Governments have agreed to have the A67 between Eindhoven and Geldrop widened from two to three lanes.

This has been a long time coming. This stretch of road sees many accidents and often has big traffic jams. This road widening will, hopefully, solve these problems.

It might have been better to widen not only the highway between Eindhoven and Geldrop but also all the way to Asten, says Provincial Executive, Christophe van der Maat. However, the budget is not large enough for this. “This solution of a partial widening to Geldrop seems to be sufficient to solve the daily traffic jams, for now”, he says.

“The Minister has agreed that a complete widening of two to three lanes can be discussed, should it deem necessary. She has, therefore, included tackling the entire A67 in the Structural Vision. For the moment, this offers enough surety that the issue of the A67 will not be scrapped from the agenda.”

‘Small-scale structural measures’ are to be taken until the widening of the A67 between Eindhoven and Geldrop gets under way. What exactly that means, is not yet known.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda

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