New public transport timetables per 9 December 2018

Cash card payment only in Eindhoven buses starting December 1st

Use public transport a lot? Sunday 9th of December, various public transport timetables change. These changes may affect trains, as well as bus timetables throughout South-east Brabant.

The aim of these changes is to offer improved connections for passengers. In some cases, bus line numbers as well as journey times change. Hermes will also start Bravoflex per this date.

The most important change will affect line 400 (Airport Shuttle). This bus will run via the Montgomerylaan. This will result in less delays, partly because the bus runs on a separate bus lane.

Line 400 will only stop along at bus stop WoensXL/ZH Catharina. Bus-travellers from Eindhoven-Noord, Nuenen and Son en Breugel can board this bus at this stop, for a shorter journey time to the airport.

All other changes can be found on the Bravo website. New timetable-booklets will soon be available at the Hermes OV-service shop. Up-to-date information can be found at:

Hermes website
NS website
OV9292; Dutch national travel planner website

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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