3D technology could mean more successful surgeries

Photo credit: Studio040/MMC

From now on, at the Máxima Medical Centre (MMC), 3D screens and glasses are to be used during keyhole liver and intestinal surgery.

Since the specialist sees depth when operating, this could result in more precise surgery. In fact, during ‘conventional’ keyhole surgery, a 2D image is seen. What makes this extra special is the combination of this technique with a new robotic arm. This is a surgical instrument which is used as an extension on surgeon’s arm.

Through small incisions made in the abdomen, surgical equipment and a camera are feed into the abdomen. The surgeon watches along on a screen. “With the new 3D technology, we combine the advantages of open abdominal surgery, namely good visibility, with keyhole surgery’s faster recovery ,” surgeon Wouter Leclercq, says.

The technique is used during colonic, liver, prostate, and adrenal gland operations. “These are operations that often take a long time and where accuracy is important. These interventions are very detailed.” During shorter procedures, keyhole surgery is done without using the 3D technology.

New complex

The MMC has taken an all-new surgery complex, and out-patient treatment centre in use at it’s Veldhoven location. The complex was officially opened this month.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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