Young designers hope to break through at Graduation Show

Photo credit: Studio040/Collin Beijk

For the first time, Design Academy students will present their graduate work in the Campina factory.

The past editions of the so-called ‘Graduation Show’ used to be held in the Witte Dame. Here, the designs of young designers are featured. That location has too little space for the massive influx of visitors during the Dutch Design Week (DDW). The designs are given space in the Campina factory and are well-lit.


There are more than 200 works in the factory halls. Where one design needs an explanation to understand what it means, another immediately speaks for itself. For example, Juul de Bruijn designed a floor in which her bed and even a wardrobe and night light are featured.

A kind of sofa bed, but then in the floor including storage space. Futuristic? Maybe, but she uses it herself. In this way, her bedroom can also be used as a workroom. “It took a lot of time and money before I had it so firmly constructed, so I no longer sunk into my bed and floor when I walked over it”.


The fact that social issues play an important role in the designs of the graduate students is evident by the many care-orientated works. Raquel Pereira Silva, for example, designed support stockings that can be put on and taken off easily when they are cold. However, when heated by body heat, they give the needed support. This means people who need them can pull them on and off themselves.

Another designer, Myrl van Hoek from Best focuses on climate change and education. With her rain jackets that catch rain, she wants to make children aware of global warming. She also wants rain to be seen as something good. Children should want to stay outside, rather than go inside.

This is only a small selection of what on show at the Graduation Show during DDW. The exhibiting students secretly hope that companies notice their designs and start producing them; perhaps they may even be in shops soon.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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