Wrecking firm to blame for lift accident

Photo credit: Studio040/Alain Heeren

The demolition company that was involved in an elevator shaft accident during construction work on the TU/e grounds is being held responsible for that accident by the Court in Den Bosch.

The company must pay a fine of EUR100,000 of which EUR20,000 is conditional. In the accident, an employee lost his life, and another was seriously injured.

In October 2015, two of the company’s employees were working on the TU/e grounds. They were disassembling a lift at least ten floors up. They were on the elevator cage. At some point, the lift’s cable ran off the hoist, causing the elevator to plummet to the ground.

The company where the two workers were employed is liable according to the Court because they did not fully comply with health and safety rules. The safety brakes did not work, because the suspension was burnt through with a cutting torch. Also, the company did not ensure that the employees were constantly attached with safety harnesses.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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