TU/e and Japanese scientists develop smart strip to detect infectious diseases

A new smart paper strip capable of easily detecting infectious diseases has been developed by Dutch and Japanese researchers.

Scientists from Eindhoven University of Technology and Japan’s Keio university teamed up to research and develop the light-up strip, which uses luminous dots to show results.

The new strip will make expensive and time-consuming lab tests a thing of the past. All that’s needed besides the strip is a digital camera and a drop of blood. It’s also efficient – results are available in 20 minutes. The strip’s ease of use means tests can be carried out at home, further reducing costs.

Each strip contains two tests, and looks for specific antibodies in the blood. One test can reveal three different diseases or medications.

The researchers expect the strip to reach the market in a year’s time.


Source: Studio040
Translation: Nicola W

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