Possible action against high workload at Ikea

Employees of Ikea in Son will possibly take action against their high workload, the Eindhovens Dagblad (Eindhoven Daily Newspaper), reports.

Staff of the furniture giant feel, just like the trade union, FNV, that things cannot continue this way. IKEA has too few workers, according to the campaigners. As a result, workload increases, and there is a high rate of absenteeism. The company also wants to reduce the Saturday allowance. Furthermore, the new wage offer for the next few years is too low, according to the campaigners.

One of the staff members who is challenging this is Moniek Strijbosch, who works at Ikea in Son. She has already collected 120 signatures at her location. A total of 1 500 dissatisfied employees have already signed up for the FNV action.

A total of 500 people work at Ikea in Son. According to Strijbosch, some departments are thus really understaffed. In Son, action can, therefore, not be ruled out.

Over the past year, Ikea in the Netherlands grew with more than 4 per cent, to an annual turnover of EURO 1.2 billion.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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