DDW attracts visitors from all over the world

Photo credit: Studio040

Eindhoven’s Dutch Design Week had a busy opening-weekend. The DDW attracts visitors from all over the world.

Eindhoven’s municipality and the DDW organization look back at the DDW opening weekend with great satisfaction. They remarked, the city is bubbling and bustling. There are visitors and colleagues from all over the world.

“It is full of people; overflowing in many places. As a result, there is no fresh orange juice available at eateries and hotels”, jokes Martijn Paulen of the Dutch Design Foundation.

Alderman Monique List shares his enthusiasm. “The attraction is especially the variety of visitors. International and local, young and old!” She also stresses the importance of attention from “The Hague”.  Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven and members of the Dutch Tweede-Kamer visited DDW during the opening weekend.

This year, the influx from abroad is striking, as usual. The number of foreign media, for example, who cover DDW.  Drivers of DDW taxis also notice many visitors from abroad. “I meet people from all over the world in my car; from Australia and East Asia to Ukraine and the United States. This makes you proud to be a native of Eindhoven,” says one of the dozens of drivers.

Until Sunday, the work of 2600 designers can be admired at 110 locations in Eindhoven. Last year, the DDW lured 335,000 visitors to Eindhoven.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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