Concerns about safety along St Bonifaciuslaan

In Stratum, residents are concerned about safety along the Sint Bonifaciuslaan. Local media, including Studio 040 and Eindhoven’s Dagblad reported about this issue previously.

Residents state, far too many motorists drive along this straight street at a far greater speed than is allowed. The speed limit along the Bonifaciuslaan is 30 km/h.

However, the straight road has not been designed to force drivers to limit their speed. The average speed is 43 km/h.

Eindhovens Dagblad also mentioned in an article last week, there are regular accidents. Residents fear a fatal one is bound to happen.

Local political party “Ouderen Appél”, promoting the interests of the elderly, has raised the issue with Eindhoven’s council. It wants Eindhoven’s alderman responsible for road safety, to take measures. “Ouderen Appél” also wants the alderman to discuss concerns with local residents.

Fifty 50 kilometers per hour is often the maximum speed in villages, towns and city centers (Dutch: bebouwde kom). However, councils may set much lower speed limits in specific areas, like near schools, or for instance along Stratum’s Bonifaciuslaan.

Unfamiliar with all the Dutch traffic rules and regulations?
Here is a link to the Dutch government’s special site with information about mobility, public transport and road safety.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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