Commemoration MH17 with 298,000 folded cranes

Commemoration MH17 with 298,000 folded cranes

An exhibition consisting of 298,000 folded, paper cranes to commemorate the victims of the MH17 disaster.

That is what Foundation 298000 Kraanvogels wants to organize on 17 July 2019. In the exhibition ‘Room of Hope‘, artworks made from a total of 298,000 paper cranes are exhibited to commemorate the 298 victims of the air disaster. It is supplemented with work by local artists and students. After Eindhoven, the exhibition goes to Hiroshima.

Flight disaster MH17
On July 17, 2014, flight MH17 was hit over Ukraine by an anti-aircraft missile. All 283 passengers and 15 crew members were killed, including 193 people with Dutch nationality. At that time Hieke Raap was also on the plane, a teacher at the Alfa College in Groningen. Colleague Tjitske Dijkstra decided to fold a thousand cranes together with her pupils. The bird symbolizes hope, health and comfort in East Asia. Eventually, the exhibition Room of Hope followed from that initiative.

Source: Studio040

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