City to get EUR5m for job market project

Eindhoven is to receive an EUR5 million subsidy from the European Commission. The city is to use this for a labour market project.

The ‘Passport4Work’ project is aimed at giving employers a better picture of what skills job seekers have. In short, it will work as follows: A job seeker can prove, using certain tests, that he/she has certain skills. These are noted in a ‘job passport’. An employer can then quickly see which potential employee has the skills that are needed to fulfil a particular work function.

‘Suits Eindhoven’
The ultimate goal is to offer training to job seekers and help them find employment. They get to add to their job passport. Subsequently, it is hoped that, after they have completed their training, they will find employment with a regional employer. “Having a job is about more than just putting food on the table. It also gives people a sense of worth, pride, and purpose. This project fits in with Eindhoven’s character’, says local councillor, Yasin Torunoglu.

Passport4Work will be deemed as a success if, after three years, 200 job seekers find work with a regional company that is involved in innovative urban projects. In the same time, a total of 600 job seekers must have also begun their educational programme.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda

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