Bears tear up wolf in Dierenrijk: ‘Very sad’

Photo credit: Studio040

In the Nuenen Dierenrijk (zoo), a group of bears killed a wolf.

That happened on Monday. A group of bears grabbed a wolf and dragged him into the ditch. At first it seemed to be a romp, but it soon became clear that it was no longer about playing. The wolf did not survive the attack.

‘Very sad’
Dierenrijk has announced in a reaction to Studio040 to be shocked by the incident. The caretakers of the animals are devastated. “This is very sad. We see this as an incident, because the bears and the wolves have been living together in harmony for a long time, “says a spokesman for the zoo.

Four bears and four wolves are put together to create a ‘challenging’ atmosphere. The animals occasionally challenge each other to play. The zoo found it inconceivable that this could happen.

Source: Studio040

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