REMEMBER: No trains between Eindhoven, Roermond for 9 days

The new train security system between Eindhoven and Roermond is almost complete. From Monday 16 July to Tuesday 24 July, the work will be finished, and the system will be extensively tested.

There means there will be no trains between Eindhoven and Roermond on these days. Buses will be used.

Train track security is very important. The system ensures that trains can safely drive from point A to point B. The system sees trains and ensures that signals and points are in the correct position. The current system is already 70 years old.

ProRail, the contractor StruktonRail, and the engineering firm, Verebus, have been working on this job for more than a year. Between Eindhoven and Roermond and between Weert and Budel there are a total of 1.400 kilometres of new cables and pipelines laid underground.


Translated by: Chaitali Sengupta

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