AR Treasure hunt through Eindhoven

A new way to discover the city of Eindhoven; through augmented reality.

The treasure hunt bears the name, ‘de Vloek van het Vuur’ (‘the Curse of the Fire’), and is a collaboration between Eindhoven247 and Dutch Rose Media. For this journey, no virtual reality glasses are needed. There is an app that can be downloaded for free on your smartphone or tablet.

During the quest, the industrial heritage of the city is central. This is how the history of the matchbox factories comes back to life, but the city fire and the war are also discussed.

The app was created specifically for children, so they playfully learn something about the history of Eindhoven. The ‘the Curse of the Fire’ treasure hunt can be downloaded via the App or the Play Store in the umbrella app ‘Hidden Tracks-Eindhoven City’.


Translated by: Bob

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