The Reading Pier – Eindhoven’s first English library for children

The Reading Pier is Eindhoven’s first English library for children. Founded by two mothers – Chiat Teng (CT) and Euying, who after many years of searching for English books for their children, decided to start an open access library for all children in Eindhoven. “By having a library that benefits all children, not only have we found a solution for many parents but this is also our way of giving back to the society,” CT remarked.

Founders of The Reading Pier: Chiat Teng (left) and Euying (right).

The word ‘Pier’ signifies the ever growing multinational expatriates in the city of Eindhoven; whom are likened to the ships docking and sailing away from the pier, enjoying their time here in their temporary new found home in Eindhoven. We have all once experienced the joy, peace and freedom sitting by the pier reading a book, enjoying the breeze and watching the boats sailing by. Thus the name of this library – The Reading Pier – which caters not only to the international community but also to the local Dutch community.

The Reading Pier is a completely volunteer driven effort catered to the community here in Eindhoven and its surrounding villages. Euying added, “We believe that The Reading Pier will benefit all book loving parents and children. Reading to and together with your child is a great way to spend time together and thus strengthening the bond between parent and child.”  There are countless scholarly articles about the benefits of being a “bookworm”. The children become better readers themselves while improving vocabulary and increasing their knowledge about the world around them. Reading also encourages creativity and imagination, crucial skills towards a ‘think out of the box’ way of approaching matters. For the younger readers, shared reading (being read to or reading together with a parent or sibling) enriches language exposure and establishes the essential foundational literacy skills. Most importantly, reading is FUN!

Diverse books in the current collection.

Euying and CT are aiming to amass at least 1000 books for the library, as well as looking for an ideal spot in Eindhoven to have it set up. The library has so far received 450 books from donors all around the world. Your generous children’s English book donations are very welcome, they will be part of a large collection at The Reading Pier, benefiting all children – yours included! Please feel free to email Euying and CT for more information at Or, check their facebook page @thereadingpier to view their latest collection. Let’s help them make this happen together!

For Eindhoven News: Joyce Fong.

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