After local residents complain about safety, work on the Boschdijk starts

This week, work on the Boschdijk starts, after local residents complained about road safety.

Dangerous junctions with the Gemmastraat and De Ruijterstraat will be tackled. More space for cyclists and pedestrians will be created at the crossing with the Gemmastraat. This ensures they have a clear view of the road. At the junction with the De Ruijterstraat, crossing will be made easier and safer.

Furthermore, the number of lanes along part of the Boschdijk will be reduced. This will leave space for a new road verge. This will provide cyclists and pedestrians with a chance to cross the Boschdijk in a safer manner. After crossing one part, they can now stop and take the time to cross the second part of the busy road.

These modifications meet the wishes of many local residents. Last year, they launched a citizens’ initiative to improve safety around the Boschdijk.

Local residents collected over 500 signatures. The majority of complaints were about unsafe crossings along the busy road.

Alderman Visscher had already promised to tackle the Boschdijk using a limited budget.

A complete reconstruction for the stretch within Eindhoven’s ring was preferred. However, this will cost millions of euros. According to Visscher, this is no longer a viable option with the municipality facing financial difficulties.

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Translator: Kate

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