Christiaan Huygens construction facing new delays

Construction of the new Christiaan Huygens College on the Von Flotowlaan will face further delays due to a dispute between the school board and municipal authorities.

The two parties have been unable to come to an agreement regarding the cost of new construction.

The current 50-year-old Huygens building on the Rachmaninowlaan is outdated and too small to house the school’s 1050 pupils. Alderman Visscher wants to fund up to €9.5 million for a new building, given the municipality’s recent financial struggles. According to the school, the building will cost around €7 million more than this due to the improving market.

The city council wants the two parties to agree on a solution as soon as possible after the carnival holiday. A number of groups including the VVD and LPF also estimate that the building will cost more than Visscher’s proposed budget, while D66 support the €9.5m figure.

According to Alderman Visscher, construction is not expected to begin until 2019 at the earliest.

Translated by: Bob

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