Higher wages for bus drivers after strike

Higher wages for bus drivers after strike

After the strike of bus drivers, new agreements have been made about the CAO (collective labour agreement).

They receive a wage increase of 8.3 percent over three years. In addition, the workload is being tackled and there is a permanent position for a thousand temporary employees. Agreements have also been made in the new CAO regarding schedules and toilet visits for which, after a maximum of two-and-a-half hours of driving, time will be made available.

“The wage increase and the lowering of the workload were the most important points of the strike,” says Brenda Heidinga, press officer of trade union FNV. ‘We want to decrease the workload by more realistic driving times. Thanks to more flexible schedules, bus drivers have to be given the time to help someone, for example, without having to hurry afterwards to be on time, ” she explains.

In Eindhoven, the buses did not drive because of strikes at the beginning of this year. New strikes seem to be off course with the new CAO, but employees are still going to have one’s say to show their view on the new agreements.

Source: Studio040

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