Another record year as ASML reaches €9 billion revenue

ASML, green power
The ASML building, where FNV organised a protest 'walk-out', for ASML staff on April 21

ASML had a record year once again, with sales exceeding €9 billion.

2016 had already marked a record year for the Veldhoven chip manufacturer, and those figures were again highly surpassed in 2017 when turnover increased by about a third. Profits exceeded €2 billion, a considerable increase on the previous year.

ASML specially benefits from the growing demand for chips that are being processed in smartphones, computers, and car navigation systems or self-driving cars worldwide. More and more chip companies are placing orders for ASML’s new EUV-machines from, which can be used to make very accurate chips. Solid growth in the number of EUV-orders is expected over the next few years.

The company’s growth has also resulted in an increase in the number of employees. ASML recently welcomed their 10,000th employee in Veldhoven. The company has about 19,000 employees worldwide.

Translated by: Bob

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