Fire forces students to flee home

Saturday, twenty students had to flee their home when a fire suddenly broke out. They were forced to stand on the pavement in the early morning cold, clutching bedding while barely dressed.

The fire started in a dryer in the house along the Tongelresestraat, in Eindhoven. Once the fire brigade arrived, the fire was quickly under control. Meanwhile, the students were left standing on the pavement in the cold. Some of them were barefoot, wearing only underpants.

Ambulance personnel checked one of the students, but he did not have to be taken to hospital. The students were told to only use the ground and first floor of their home. The fire brigade warned carbon monoxide might remain in the attic.

The fire brigade is expected to carry out an inspection to check fire safety. Student fire safety is a known issue in overcrowded student homes.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Kate

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