World record for flexible solar cells from Eindhoven

World record for flexible solar cells from Eindhoven

The flexible solar cells from Solliance have an efficiency of 13.5 percent, a world record.

The percentage is extremely high for flexible solar cells with perovskite as active layer. An efficiency of 13.5 percent means that this part of the collected solar radiation is converted into electrical energy.

At this moment, glass-based solar cells have a higher efficiency. However, the production of these solar cells is much less sustainable. It takes a lot more energy to produce glass-based solar cells and also more rare substances.

Solliance makes their own solar cells on the High Tech Campus with a relatively simple machine. For the time being, it involves the production of test series of the solar cells, but they are already very efficient.

The Eindhoven based company recently joined forces with Chinese company Hanergy, a specialist in thin and flexible solar panels. Solliance wants to quickly build a fully-fledged cycle path that generates energy via solar cells. Two weeks ago, the Eindhoven consortium also started a new laboratory. Around 250 Solliance researchers will be working there.

Source: Studio040

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