Permit for MH17 memorial at Eindhoven Airport

Permit for MH17 memorial at Eindhoven Airport

The plan to place a memorial at Eindhoven Airport in memory of the victims of the MH17 disaster is definitive.
The municipality of Eindhoven has granted a permit to the initiative of the Walk-for-298 Foundation.

The monument will be placed at the Flight Forum entrance at the airport. The reveal will be on Saturday, March 24th. A Saturday, because it is relatively quiet compared to the pretty hectic piece of Eindhoven during the week by all the companies that are located there. In addition, spring will have just begun in March. A beautiful symbolic moment to bring ‘a piece of light’ on a black page in Dutch history, according to Ronald Rutten of the Walk-for-298 Foundation.

The monument is a kind of globe with texts, based on three pillars. The designer is 91-year-old Toon Heijmans from Nijmegen. When he heard of the initiative, he wanted to design the memorial free of charge. By his own account, it will be the last assignment that the artist performs in his life.

“There had to be a monument in Eindhoven,” says the chairman of the foundation. “All the remains of the victims have landed here. The visuals of that went around the world. A great deal of memories of MH17 are in Eindhoven for many of the relatives.”

It is for 99 percent sure that the monument will be unveiled on Saturday, March 24th. Only a possible military defense activity could interrupt the plan.

Photo: Walk-for-298 Foundation

Source: Studio040

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