Moving train benches and quiz in trains during DDW

Moving train benches, a railway quiz with fellow-travellers, or a mindfulness course done via an app. On a train journey to and from Eindhoven, passengers can take part in all kinds of experiments during Dutch Design Week (DDW) later this month.

The activities were devised by designers. They have been put to work by the organiser of the Dutch Design Week and the NS, to come up with ideas on how to increase the level of enjoyment and fun during train trips. Four designs will be tested during DDW. If the experiments go well and are appreciated, they may be implemented.

Waarmakers designers have come up with a quiz which travellers can play with others sharing the train journey, using smartphones. Questions concern the environment through which trains travels. In addition, designer Jan Pieter Kaptein devised a mindful app, in which a coach teaches passengers how to relax during their trip to work. Another activity related to fitness, is called ‘Reis je Fit’. It involves travel furniture which make passengers move, such as a seat cushion that teaches you stability, and a tile on which you have to balance while standing in the train.

During DDW, the experiments can be experienced on the Eindhoven-Amsterdam and Eindhoven-The Hague lines.

Source: studio040

Translator: Kate

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