Ergon electric vehicles to clean in style at DDW

Five electric vehicles from Ergon are especially branded for Dutch design Week. A special film, which coordinates with the week’s event has been placed on the cleaning vehicles. They will drive through Eindhoven with a large diamond-shape on their roof.

Ergon says the vehicles will be performing their duties as normal during the DDW. With this campaign, the company wants to make a connection between two opposites:  a street cleaner and a designer. The week is quite abstract and with this initiative, Ergon wants to make a bit more comprehensible for the ‘common man’.

The film on the cars matches the ‘Modebelofte’ exhibition in the old V&D building in the centre of Eindhoven. A small demonstration is planned for Monday on the Demer. All the electric vehicles will gather there. When this will occur is not yet known.

Photo: Ergon
Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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