Business owners called upon to protest against OZB tax increase

Business owners from Eindhoven have been asked to join protests tomorrow evening against an increase in property tax (ozb). Tomorrow evening, the municipal council will meet and debate the OZB increase.

The Brabant employers’ umbrella organization, BZW, is calling upon business owners to take action. The umbrella organization is asking them to come to the town hall, and ask for time to question and discuss the issue.

Earlier, employers had already raised the alarm concerning the more than three percent increase. This could amount to roughly EUR 5 000 a year. Complaints do not just come from the BZW, but also from enterprises including Subway, Hooghuys Vastgoed and Wildenberg Mode.

The business owners think they will become victims of the municipal policy. With the rise in OZB, and the increase in parking charges, the municipality wants to curb its budget deficit of the past year. Companies point out tax increases are not meant to reduce budget deficits. The BZW emphasizes that companies are also responsible for generating economic growth.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Kate

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