Collapse parking garage caused by construction faults

The parking garage at Eindhoven Airport collapsed because concrete slabs did not connect well with each other.

This construction fault in combination with the very warm weather on May the 27th, caused the top floor to collapse. Its weight ensured the other floors of the parking garage collapsed one after another as well.

The concrete floors of the garage did not comply with Dutch construction rules. This becomes clear from a report presented this morning, after research was carried out by TNO. Eindhoven airport and consultancy firm Hageman, appointed by construction company BAM which is responsible for the project, commissioned TNO’s investigation and report.

The fourth floor started to crack over an area of 60 by15 metres and finally collapsed onto the third floor. This caused a domino effect involving all floors. The complete collapse happened in about three seconds.

It remains unclear whether the collapsed building will be demolished or rebuilt. Discussions between all parties involved continue. Which firm will ultimately be held responsible for the collapse is still being investigated as well.


On 27 May this year, the new multi-store car park under construction at Eindhoven Airport collapsed. Nobody was injured, but the collapse caused massive devastation and disruption. Traffic flow at the airport was affected. The area around the collapsed building was shut off, the ‘drop and go’ area had to be moved and some roads around Eindhoven Airport were closed for the day.

Translated for Eindhoven News by Kate.

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