City council: No direct indication for terrorist attack

The City Council says there are no direct indications of any possible terror attack on Eindhoven. LPF leader,Rudy Reker, asked the council about the terror threat in the city.

Reker wants to take more preventive measures. like the placing of concrete blocks, roadblocks and retractable poles. Some of these poles are already in place at different places in the city. The LPF wonders if these offer enough protection.

The council answered that the threat level is ‘substantial’ in the Netherlands and that especially the national government concerns itself with this. The council is redeveloping the city centre, and its safety is part of this redevelopment. The council is currently at the planning stage. It is not yet clear if, and how many, extra safety measures will be taken.

The questions by the LPF were not unexpected. At a Guus Meeuwis concert in June, there was a terror threat in Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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