Suspect convicted for attempted rape in Eindhoven

Suspect convicted for attempted rape in Eindhoven

A 27-year-old man received a three-year prison sentence, one of which was conditional, on attempting to rape a woman in Eindhoven. In addition, he has to be treated and during that time he not allowed to use alcohol and drugs.

In August last year, the woman was using an ATM in Eindhoven when she was pulled into a porch. The man tried to take off her pants and licked and kissed the woman’s face. While fleeing, the suspect seized the woman’s phone from her hands.

The man is also convicted of serious abuse and shoplifting. The man stole at supermarkets in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. In July 2016, the suspect gave a few headbutts to someone and afterwards he kicked the victim lying on the ground.

The court has mainly taken into account the series of violent acts the man had committed. The suspect, according to his own words, was under the influence of alcohol and drugs each time. Hence the mandatory treatment and ban on narcotics.

Source: Studio040

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