EU: Eindhoven Contributes To The Ideal European City


Eindhoven and Utrecht have contributed to the ideal European city.

This conclusion was reached by a report of the European Commission, that combined a group of eight cities with their own particular qualities to form the ideal European city.

Eindhoven contributed to the mix by its urge to innovate and Utrecht by its national and international links.

Both cities scored very high on the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor, which was put together for the first time this year and will be published bi-annually from now on.

The European Commission looked at 168 cities in 30 European countries and made a selection on the basis of cultural and creative attributes. Other selected cities are Paris, Cork, Leuven, Glasgow, Úmea in Sweden and Copenhagen.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Maastricht, Groningen, Leiden, Den Bosch and The Hague were also considered but were found wanting.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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