Gladiolenstraat Residents Can’t Return Home Anytime Soon

Residents of the apartment block where a fire broke out last night are not allowed to return to their homes just yet. The Fire Brigade is still investigating the safety of the building and has not cleared any apartments yet.

The shocked inhabitants of the block all managed to leave in time. They were taken to the community centre across the street last night for emergency shelter. Some apartments burned out completely. For these inhabitants other accommodation will have to be found. Their insurance companies and the city council will help them with this.

The fire broke out on Sunday night in one of the apartments and spread rapidly into the adjoining dwellings. At 2.45 AM, the Fire Brigade gave the all clear regarding the fire.

Photo: SQ Vision

Source: Studio040

Translator: Maurice


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  1. I am wondering is the translation of time incorrect? “De brandweer gaf rond kwart voor 3 vannacht het sein brand meester. ” Should it be 2.45AM instead of 3.45?


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