Cause of fire Onder de Wieken still unclear

It is still unclear how the fire at primary school Onder de Wieken might have emerged. That is why arson has not been ruled out. The police is now looking for camera images and witnesses of suspicious/striking situations around the school.

The Eindhoven police are looking for people who between Friday 9 June at 17:00 hours and Saturday 10 June at 10.30 hours observed striking persons or vehicles at the school. Beside that the police hopes to receive camera images that provide more information about the fire.

Last Saturday fire broke out at the Jenaplan school in the Achtse Barrier. It was a huge fire and the building soon proved beyond saving. Eventually the property Onder de Wieken had to be demolished partly to ensure that the raging fire would not completely extinguish.

In the meantime the school and the municipality have found a replacement school building at the Calaislaan. The lessons of it should resume next Monday.

Translated by: Bob

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