Shoppers enthusiastic about Albert Heijn restaurant

Want to quickly wolf down a slice of pizza with a full shopping trolley at a table in the supermarket? Customers have reacted enthusiastically to the coffee bar and restaurant concept at the Albert Heijn XL in Limburglaan. It is an innovative concept the Dutch will have to get used to, but that isn’t to say it will not catch on.

Manager, Bert van Brakel, isn’t surprised about all the positive feedback. According to him, there is a great need for a supermarket restaurant: “We are convinced the concept will catch on. The are so many shops with a restaurant these days. It is a trend we will happily follow”.

The coffee bar, The Bakery Cafe, is near the shop entrance and seats twenty costumers. The Deli Kitchen is placed further in and has room for about ten clients, at the bar as well as at a table. It is, however, different to a normal restaurant as there is no serving staff.

Source: Studio 040
Translator: Maurice

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