Race In Blixembosch Cancelled Due To Threat Of Thunderstorms

The avond4daagse in Blixembosch, a suburb of Eindhoven, has been cancelled. The race will not take place as planned this evening as heavy thunderstorms are expected. ‘We do not want to run the risk of something going wrong’, said the organisers.

The KNMI (National Meteorlogical Institute) predicts thunderstorms, with strong gusts of winds, and hail. The organisers are being cautious so have cancelled the event. ‘It is too much of a risk, especially because there are so many children taking part. It should, ultimately, be a fun event. I do not want it on my conscious if something were to go wrong’, says Linda Lodewijks, one of the organisers.

Hundreds of runners, including many children, take part on the avond4daagse in Blixembosch. If the weather is fine tomorrow, the participants will run on Tuesday evening.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda


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