Meet Eindhoven News at the ‘i am not a tourist’ Expat Fair

Always wondered who is making Eindhoven News? Who is behind this daily news channel? How is this organisation run?

This organisation exists since 2009. Established by international (minded) people living in Eindhoven. Since then many people have contributed voluntarily to the ever growing website.

Many of the contributors have found other (paid) work or other opportunities in the Eindhoven Region while getting connected locally through the network of Eindhoven News. They passionately dedicated their time and energy to this necessary media which informs non-Dutch about what is happening in Eindhoven.

Updated readers can talk to neighbours, colleagues, (local) friends, fellow students or the check-out lady about the events happening in the city, either positive or negative after reading it on Eindhoven News. Accidents, sports, politics, culture, business… and yes, crime too. You can read it all on Eindhoven News.

Come and meet them on 11 June 2017 at the Expat Fair or get your free ticket here! At the door they’ll cost 5 Euros



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