“Is being happy the goal of your life?” What is your answer to this question?

Left:Wilfired Verboom, Middle: dr. Hans van Dijk, Right: Prof.dr. Ruut Veenhoven

On Wednesday third of May, Veritas Forum held an interesting discussion in Auditorium, TU/e, with the theme of “What is happiness and what brings you happiness in life”.

The guests of the night were Prof. dr. Ruut Veenhoven and Wilfried Verboom, the CEO of IFES Netherlands (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), chaired by Dr. Hans van Dijk. According to Ruut Veenhoven’s research, the major impact factors of happiness come from genes, personal relationships, health, social positions, and accidents. From a more personal point of view, Wilfried Verboom explained his story as a Christian. He told the audience frankly that his source of happiness is his dog, families, house and car. In addition to that, his relationship with God also plays an important role.

After the main speakers addressed their opinions, 200 students also participated in the discussion by giving answers to several questions, using green (yes) or red (no) card.  Interestingly, the answers to most questions were 50 to 50. These questions included: “Is being happy the goal of your life?”, “Should happiness be promoted?” “Does God make you happier?” During the forum, voices from different opinions are heard, which made the discussion open and thought-provoking.

By Eindhoven News reporter: Li

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