Druglords Get 10 Years

The Oost-Brabant’s court has handed down jail sentences of nine and ten years, respectively, to two leaders (35 and 40) of a drug gang from Eindhoven.

Three other members of the gang got sentenced to four years, 36 months and two years, respectively, for their involvement. In addition, the court sentenced a 59-year old man from Sliedrecht to prison for nine years for transporting the drugs out of the country.

The police have been investigating drug activities taking place out of an antique shop in Eindhoven for about two years now. During the investigation, it was found the the 35-year old man was heading a criminal organisation that included the smuggling of hard drugs t the UK.

The police confiscated 132 kg of drugs, but the amount actually smuggled out is much higher. Drugs and materials used to produce them were found at various locations.

In addition, the gang laundered at least EUR 800 000 and was involved in multiple soft drug deals in the Netherlands.

Source: studio04

Translator: Melinda

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