Course Visual Design Thinking: The Power of Drawing

On 9 May, the Visual Design Thinking course “The power of drawing” took place in the Hub Eindhoven for Expats. Around 40 people joined this fun course.

Beginning with some practice on basic drawings, the course gives several fun exercises, such as “Pictionaries” and “reverse Pictionaries”. Attendants are asked to describe words with drawings within one minute. Starting from concrete ideas, such as a phone and a train, and moving to more abstract concepts, such as goals and development, people were surprised at the creative and various drawings for a specific concept when it became more difficult. For example, to illustrate the idea of “data”, some people just use waveform of “0” and “1”.

During the exercise “How to make toast?”, each person had several minutes to sketch a diagram of how to make a toast. They then shared their diagrams with each other afterwards. People were really surprised to learn how to transfer the message they want to convey with drawings.

“I like this course, it’s relaxing and creative”, said Mathijs. “I did this course three years ago and I still think it’s one of the most interesting and useful workshops I ever done”.  People shared their feelings about the course in the end.

The course is given by Flatland and organized by meetup Uxify Eindhoven. They would liek to encourage  more designers to come to the hub.

Added by Eindhoven News Writer: Tingting

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