Babysitting Centre Offers Babysitting Services Throughout Eindhoven

Twin sisters, Jasmijn and Lyla (24) are opening the doors of Oppas Madelief this month. People can book a babysitter from this babysitting centre can take bookings for all the districts, from Stratum to Blixembosch, in Eindhoven via their smartphone.

The child minders are thoroughly screened and trained. Oppas Madelief is a national organisation, but now also have an office in Eindhoven.

The sisters select all the babysitters personally: people who apply to be child minders via the website are screened. They are then invited for an interview, after which they are receive training as a babysitter. Parents then get to meet them.

The new child minders were selected and trained on 10 May. The hourly rate depends on the age of the children and their level of activity. If they are asleep, the babysitter can watch TV or study, but they then also earn less.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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