Tour of the best coffee establishments in Eindhoven

Tour of the best coffee establishments in Eindhoven

An inspiration tour of the best coffee establishments in Eindhoven will be organized tomorrow. With the introduction of the new gift card the ‘Koffiecaartje’, the initiators want to show that Eindhoven is a real coffee city.

The inspiration tour of the Koffiecaartje goes along the five ‘coffee gems’ of Eindhoven. “A concept that is designed to let you experience real quality in the hospitality sector and attract people to distinct total-concepts”, said promoter Danny van Vroenhoven.

Furthermore, Van Vroenhoven says that through the tour, he wants people to know more about the city of Eindhoven and the surrounding areas of the selected coffee shops. The new gift card is available for fifteen euros at the tourist office and participating coffee establishments.

The inspiration tour will include a stop at the best barista of the Netherlands, who operates in Eindhoven.

In the future, the creators of the Koffiecaartje want to introduce other gift cards with their company Horecaartje.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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  1. it would be nice if you put links and sources in your articles. for example in this one, where i could get the koffiekart and about all the coffee places and the good barista


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