Waterboard To Maintain Eindhoven’s Ponds And Canals

Water Board to maintain Eindhoven's ponds and canals

Waterschap De Dommel will take over the maintenance of ponds and canals in Eindhoven. This used to be done by the council itself. By taking over, the waterboard can better mange the watersheds of the De Dommel and can pay attention to the water quality.

Now that the waterboard is in control, it will begin with large scale maintenance of the waterways and ponds. They will be dredged and, where needed, the banks will be repaired. These are customisations, so Waterschap De Dommel will first take an inventory.

In Eindhoven, the waterboard will, from now on, manage the Oude Gracht in Woensel-West, de pond in Henri Dunantpark, de Gender and Gender pond en three other city water areas.

Taking over the maintenance of city water areas has been a prolonged project for Waterschap De Dommel. In total, there have been 90 ponds, canals and locks taken over in 19 neighbourhoods. Eindhoven was the last to hand over the maintenace of it’s city water areas.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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