Spectacular act of ‘What if Collective’

What If Collective has won the STRP Act Award with their interactive installation MGNT. The award is a European prize which encourages combining innovative forces.

Toon Rooijmans, Luuk Schipperheyn, Rhys Duindam and Lola Gielen are the members of the What If Collective. The four talented graduates of Eindhoven University of Technology and Design Academy Eindhoven, created the award winning installation MGNT, which can now be seen on STRP Biënnale 2017.

In the middle of the circular installation of the magnetic tape there is a space for the visitors. Sensors and microphones record all sounds and movements in the space, which can then be reflected in moving patterns. The more people, the greater the impact. It is an open innovation and co-creation.

The STRP BIENNALE 2017 is till the second of April.


Eindhoven News reporter: Shanthi

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