New boost May 4 Commemoration Day with youth and silent walk

The presence of 150 young people and a silent walk at 19:40 hours should give the May 4 Commemoration in Eindhoven a new impulse.

The September 18 Foundation has been opting for a memorial service in which youth will be more involved for a couple of years. President Raymond van de Wouw noticed, this also occurred in other places. ‘I saw young people with a rose in their hands at each grave of a fallen soldier. That should also be possible over here’, he said.

There will be a group of 100 scouts and 50 students at the forthcoming memorial service for the first time this year.

“That number would have to grow to 700 over the next few years, but this already is a tremendous start”, says Van de Wouw.

The programme of the remembrance day is being adjusted for the first time in years. That means there is a short silent walk at 19:40 hours first. The young people then will be going to stand behind the graves as a tribute to the victims of the Second World War and follow the regular programme.

Translated by: Bob

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