Mayor not allowed to prohibit speakers in mosque

Mayor not allowed to prohibit speakers in mosque

If a mosque has invited so-called ‘hate imams’ to preach, the mayor may no longer prohibit that in advance. Mayor Jorrisma accepts the judgment of the court that he should not intervene in advance when it comes to a meeting in a religious building.

It is all about a controversial conference in the Al Fourqaan mosque in 2015. The then mayor Van Gijzel, prohibited the arrival of seven speakers, because they were a threat to public order. It was feared that they would glorify terror, would call for violence, and would incite against gay people. In summary proceedings the mayor’s decision was called justified.

On appeal, all the arguments of the municipality were brushed aside, because interference would violate religious freedom.

Mayor Jorritsma said he will not appeal. He says he now has good contact with the Al Fourqaan mosque. According to him, ‘hate imams’ are sufficiently excluded through ‘dialogue’.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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