TU/e may suspend co-worker

Tu/e may suspend co-worker

The TU/e may suspend their co-worker on suspension of serious delinquency. This was determined by a court in Den Bosch. The man is suspected of taking property belonging to the TU/e home, in order to sell online.

One of the man’s colleagues blew the whistle at the TU/e because he saw the man regularly putting things in his vehicle and driving off with them. The TU/e started an investigation into the man and according to camera footage the suspicions were proved to be true. The university’s property was found to be offered for sale on Marktplaats.

The Tu/e immediately suspended the man and barred him from entering the campus. He was also to have no further contact with his colleagues. In February, the university extended his suspension and retained a third of his salary.

The man denies that he went too far: he claims he was merely moving items on the campus as was his duty as facility co-worker. He claims the suspension and retention of his wages are out of proportion.

But the court agreed with the university. There is sufficient indication of serious delinquency, stared the judge.

Source: studio040
Translated by: Melinda

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