Residents provide for a metamorphosis of Treffinaterrein

Residents provide metamorphosis of Treffinaterrein

New lights, seating for the elderly, new flowers and plants, a herb garden and a different design. The Treffinaterrein in the Eindhoven neighbourhood of De Bergen is going to get a makeover. Residents and volunteers of Stadstuin (city garden) De Bergen will roll up their own sleeves for this.

This is an initiative from the Stadstuin De Bergen. Previously they beautified Luciferterrein with small community gardens. Now they are going to breathe new life into Treffinaterrein.

According to Stadstuin De Bergen en the residents the grounds are poorly organised, dirty and unkempt. Residents sometimes feel unsafe and it is dark at night. The organisers of this initiative want to put a stop to this.

The function of the area with its playground, hang-out and parking will largely remain the same.

The municipality has provided a subsidy of between 20 000 and 30 000 euros for the project. It is up to Stadstuin De Bergen and the residents how this money will be used. The municipality does have some conditions, such as safety.

The new Treffinaterrein must be completed for summer.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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