‘Give youth who cause disturbances their own place’

'Give youth who cause disturbances their own place'

There urgently needs to be a solution to the problems that is caused by youth in Blixembosch and the Edison neighborhood in Woensel West.

For example, a place where they can come together. So they will not wander the streets with all its consequences. In Blixembosch at Buro Cement, the Dynamo counterpart, the number of youth workers should be increased.

In both Blixembosch and Woensel there are cases of vandalism, intimidation and drug use. The Dynamo youth workers know the ‘culprits’. They are working with them daily, but they cannot prevent it goes wrong. And they find that disappointing, says Bilal Achenteh of Dynamo.

However, not everything can be passed off on whether or not the youth have their own place. There are also things that the anxious residents can do themselves to avoid the annoyances caused by youth, say the youth workers. For their approach is a society made together. And thus an appeal is made to the residents as well. By just saying hello, smile or have a chat you can contribute a lot.

Regarding their own place: housing corporation Trudo has said that if the youth really want a place in Woensel West, they will search for one.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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