Talk on mental health care by SGE professionals

Coming Friday, at Videolab, Strijp S Eindhoven, a free talk on mental health care in general and how it works in the Netherlands will take place. The talk will be given by an SGE psycho-social nurse and a psychologist.

In this talk the professionals will give you information on what the procedure is when you have psychological concerns, what the GP or family doctor (huisarts in Dutch) can do and when you will be referred to other more specialist care.

SGE International says: “At our international practice we see people who have difficulties coping with the challenges of moving to a new country, fitting into a new workplace or study environment. Setting up a new life causes stress, and this may result in emotional and physical complaints. In the Netherlands talking to your GP is the first step if you need more specialist help. We like to explain what we can do and what the possibilities are.”

During the talk answers to questions like: What to do if I need psycho-social help?, Can I talk to my GP about it?, I feel depressed and lonely, where can I get support?, Are there medicines that can help me?, Will my insurance cover this? and many more will be answered.

The talk on Friday 27 January 2017 is from 15:30-17:00 and it is free but they kindly ask you to register at

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