Torunoglu called to account about Aquaveste

The Eindhoven branch of the political party D66 feels Alderman Yasin Torunoglu should be called to account for his actions. They want an explanation for the sale of nine apartments in the Aquaveste complex in the Meerhoven district.

It concerns a matter about which Kema Beleggingen in Veldhoven feels it has been badly let down. Entrepreneur Paul van Kemenade bid 1.2 million Euros for the apartments, on behalf of his company. However, the apartments went to Woonbedrijf from Eindhoven, even though their bid was a hundred thousand Euros lower.

Joost de Jong, council member for the VVD party, now wants to hear from Alderman Torunoglu whether Kema Beleggingen and the municipality have suffered damages because of the deal.

The VVD also wants to know why the Alderman failed to keep the Municipal Council informed of events. This is not the first time that Torunoglu has been called to account for this kind of thing. Previously, he failed to inform the council fully about the opening of a supermarket in Acht.

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