More food and drinks along the Glow route

This year, more catering will be available along the route of Eindhoven’s light event, Glow.

Last year, the Town Hall was the only designated place to eat and drink alongside the works of art. This year, the organisation has appointed five squares where you can toast the light show. This should help to spread the crowds in and around the city, making it more manageable. The additional catering areas should also increase the enjoyment of the event.

There will also be a number of hospitality entrepreneurs at each square. Brochures and maps for the Glow route will also be available. The new places to enjoy some food and drinks will be on the Fens site, Victoria Park, the TU/e, Dorgelolaan and the Town Hall.

Glow starts on 12 November.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lenise Collimore

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